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# 99 & 101, Borey Peng Huoth, Road 6A, Phnom Penh
Mon-Sun: 09:00 - 17:00

Every week, customers from all areas near the headquarters in Phnom Penh meet every Sunday. Some have seen our products promoted through tuk-tuks or via social media or through well-connected people and tell each other.


When customers come to see us, they always complain about their health problems. When we saw our company and team focused on them, it made him happy, especially that he had five free health exams and also learned about the use of herbal remedies.


In addition to getting good health through the use of traditional medicine, they can become distributors by receiving bonus or market bonuses the company has prepared for them. More specifically, they can get on excursions abroad.


Key Benefits of the Service

To gain tremendous benefits from our company, both health and income, you need to:

Use our products regularly
Take the diet as our experts advise
Get to the company often to get the latest information
After using the product get good results then tell the person you know to try it
Try creating a group of people to use the product

To be a global leader in Invention, Cultivation, Production and Distribution of Superior Quality Ganoderma Immunology products

  • To research and develop innovative Ganoderma immunology products;
  • To have a strong market presence and provide the best business opportunity in the Network Marketing Industry
  • To create healthier and wealthier community globally
  • To make Gano Excel a global household brand
  • To make Gano Excel a truly sustainable company in the Wellness Industry
  • In whatever we do, 7 core principles shall define us:
    1. Leadership
      To achieve leading position in the industry and be people oriented
    2. Commitment
      Long term business commitment to help improve the health and wealth of all mankind
    3. Unity
      All stakeholders working closely irrespective of culture, race and religion to produce exponential results
    4. Integrity
      Always do the right thing and treat others with Respect.
    5. Quality
      To deliver high quality products by maintaining highest safety standard and quality control in product invention, development, cultivation and manufacturing processes.
    6. Excellence
      Strive to achieve and surpass the status of Excellent Performer in everything that we do.
    7. Innovation
      To drive innovation based on market demand, opportunities and needs.
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